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Summer pruning tips

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http://www.mylifept.com/?refriwerator=bin%C3%A4re-optionen-absichern-de-strategie&847=6f binäre optionen absichern de strategie hydrangeaThere are a couple of great reasons to prune our flowering ornamentals and fruit trees in summer…

http://bolataruhan.org/?fiopry=rencontrer-fille-kabyle&93e=09 Summer pruning and removing spent flower heads encourages repeat blooming through the end of summer and on into autumn. With roses, for example, removing not only the spent flower but cutting back 30cm of stem, will encourage an additional flush of long stemmed blooms on the end of the cut branches within six to eight weeks.

go to link Generally speaking, summer pruning retards growth where as pruning in winter prior to the growing season, encourages vigorous regrowth. Pruning in summer, especially for deciduous plants, give you a good opportunity to do some formative pruning while the plants are in foliage and you can really see how the framework looks and how each plant relates to the space around them. Keep in mind that removing too much foliage exposes the plant to more sunlight and just like us, plants get sunburned; citrus and crepe myrtles are particularly susceptible.

see Hedges are also great candidates for a summer prune once the mad spring growth has slowed down. A summer tidy up should see you through to their next burst of growth in autumn.

source Here is a list of plants that enjoy a prune after they flower in late spring early summer:

get link Azaleas & rhododendrons

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Hedging outside the box…

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Want to create or update a hedge using something other than the ubiquitous English box or Cyprus?

Here a some ideas for creating beautiful hedges using less common plants, to great effect…
photo2Strawberry guava or Feijoa sellowiana creates a dense, soft grey hedge with gorgeous flowers and delicious fruit…an edible hedge!
Lulu-FoliageThere are many varieties of Lily Pily being produced such as Syzygium australe and Syzygium luehmannii that make wonderful hedges. They are native and therefore much better suited to our dry climate. There are many, many cultivars being produced with a wonderful variety of foliage colors to complement their gorgeous, cream blossoms.
Port-Wine-Magnolia-Hedge-2The beautiful and fragrant Port Wine Magnolia or Michelia figo can be cultivated as a beautiful hedge.
Creeping Fig, Ficus pumila can be used to quickly cover ugly brick or masonary fences to give the appearance of a low maintenance, neat, dense hedge.
maxresdefaultSalt Bush, Rhagodia spinescens, has soft grey foliage and is extremely hardy. With it’s silvery foliage it can be used to great effect as a hedge.
Correa-pulchella SG-2Correa pulchella or Salmon Correa has deep green leaves and punchy salmon pink blossoms. It makes a great, low hedge and as a native, is is very hardy.


Flowering Quince, or Chaenomeles japonica makes a beautiful hedge. It is available in the deep pink/red or white flowering varieties. The blossoms appear before the leaves in late winter and make a stunning herald to spring.


Sasanqua camellias are the fine leaves, prolific flowering camellias with the looser, more adaptable structures that can be encouraged to hedge.
l_plum_gorgeous11Loropetalum chinense is most commonly seen in its pink form, which has variegated foliage that blends from green to burgundy. It is a common hedging plant in Asia.
Callistemon-Perth-Pink-1Some varieties of Callistemon or Bottle Brush lend them selves beautifully to hedging such as. As natives, they are very hardy. Callistemon ‘Perth Pink’ is a great example.

b7494bccf0e1b238cdede177afbe0e08Leptospermum are commonly known as Manuka or Tea Tree and some varieties lend them selves beautifully to hedging, with their fine foliage, prolific flowers and gorgeous range of colours.
63c67155bdf98b411cd4bbbfbba5f1d8Rose hedges will require ongoing maintenance but are worth the effort for the stunning blossoms and that unbeatable fragrance.
Lemon Scented Myrtle can be cultivated into a hedge and with its scented foliage and soft white blossoms makes a beautiful alternative.

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